Well hi there. It’s pretty awesome that you’ve stumbled upon our page.

My name is Oscar and I’d like to welcome you to FateWorks Studios, where we (whomever I may be working with and myself) hope to pour our know-how, share our passions, and surround ourselves with the freedom that creating and entertaining brings, right on this very website. We’re just getting started, and it might take some time for some of this to pick up, but most of it should be oriented around art, programming, 3D modeling, game dev, and all of that fun stuff! Although much has to be added and expanded upon as FateWorks Studios (FWS for short) grows, you can learn some more about us in our…well…in our About Us page 🙂

Many of our passions will be tied, brought together for you, and shared with you in the form of tutorial posts, time-lapse videos, and any other way we may think of. Also, if you’d like to support us, you can visit our Shop, where you’ll have the chance to get your hands on some of our work, whether it be digital or as custom merchandise you can gift someone or rock just about anywhere you go.

More and more will be added over time, so make sure to check back once in a while. Better yet, if you visit our Newsletter page or fill out the form in the sidebar of this page, you can become one of our subscribers! We’ll send you updates on new posts, new videos, new products, and anything else we have to offer.

If you plan on tagging along with us for a while, please make sure that you’ve reviewed our Privacy Policy and our store Return Policies. Otherwise, don’t hesitate to leave us a message through our Contact Us page!

Make sure you stick around,


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