“Il Gusto Dell’amore”… This one took me a while because I was in the process of moving to GA (WOO!), but I’m mostly settled in now and decided to finally finish this piece.

I wanted to try something a little different from what I’m used to in this one. I feel like I want to dabble more with a painterly type of approach, but I definitely feel the years of anime influencing my work…especially during the painting phase. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing–I very much enjoy watching and drawing anime–yet, when it comes to painting, my brain keeps thinking “cell-shade,” and sometimes that just isn’t what I want to achieve.

So far, I’ve been building up my colors with soft-pressured strokes, almost the same effect as if you were to use opacity with pen pressure setting on your brush, except using a slightly lowered pen pressured flow. This can be great for blending colors easily, but beware of the soft airbrush and the muddying effect it can have if overused. That’s why it can be helpful to create your own brush masks to add a bit of texture to your work (if that is what you’re going for), especially when seeking to paint other things like hair or cloth, for example.

I do want to aim for something more painted in the future; I think it would be a good skill to learn, if not to better my work, simply to have the option to sort of deviate once in a while outside of my comfort zone. It would mean getting over this “fear of color” or “color anxiety”, as I call it, and use bold strokes of paint to represent my shapes instead of shying away from the brush; this would definitely add to the visual interest of my art overall, but more to study and work on that as I go.

I find that going full-out and having a nice finished lineart can oftentimes present you with the problem of wanting to stick to that which you have laid out too much. This only matters depending on what you are trying to achieve, of course. Whenever I want to practice more of a painted style, I’m thinking that I should stop at the rough sketch phase if I want to draw over my lines, that way I can focus more on the shapes that I can create with values and colors to represent whatever it is that I’m painting.

I’ll surely be experimenting more and more with different ways of approaching the way I work, but I’m definitely about having as much fun with it as I can.

I really hope you enjoy watching the process!

Here are a few images showing basic steps:

“I’ll show you…”

I was deep in the middle of some art tutorials on anatomy and shape when this one came about. I wanted to apply myself and what I had just learned to see what I could do with simple motion and flow and ended up wanting to finish this image. It was quite a challenge, but I wouldn’t learn and improve otherwise (as with anything). Still, I got to play quite a bit with mood and lighting–which was rather fun–and now I’m left wondering what kind of powers/abilities she should have 😭…

I used a fully non-destructive painting method for this piece. This allowed me to have full control of the different parts that make up the image at any time during the process. There are benefits to doing this–especially in a fast-production environment where you can be asked to represent a certain character, for example, in different color combinations–however, I’m still building upon what I like and don’t like doing while painting, and I can see myself deviating from this more depending on what is needed and what would benefit the piece.

Here are a few images showing basic steps:

Overall, I learned quite a lot just by messing around with this and I plan on honing myself for some better work. In any case, I hope you enjoy this digital speed painting video!