“I’ll show you…”

I was deep in the middle of some art tutorials on anatomy and shape when this one came about. I wanted to apply myself and what I had just learned to see what I could do with simple motion and flow and ended up wanting to finish this image. It was quite a challenge, but I wouldn’t learn and improve otherwise (as with anything). Still, I got to play quite a bit with mood and lighting–which was rather fun–and now I’m left wondering what kind of powers/abilities she should have 😭…

I used a fully non-destructive painting method for this piece. This allowed me to have full control of the different parts that make up the image at any time during the process. There are benefits to doing this–especially in a fast-production environment where you can be asked to represent a certain character, for example, in different color combinations–however, I’m still building upon what I like and don’t like doing while painting, and I can see myself deviating from this more depending on what is needed and what would benefit the piece.

Here are a few images showing basic steps:

Overall, I learned quite a lot just by messing around with this and I plan on honing myself for some better work. In any case, I hope you enjoy this digital speed painting video!

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